Ep. 63: Lucas St. Clair – Founder of the ‘Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument‘  -ft. co-host: Jay Vilar of Nourish ||

120 years ago Teddy Roosevelt started the US national park system to protect and preserve shared resources. We’re hard pressed to believe that in our current political landscape – and with a compounding national debt – that our Federal Government would acquire any new large swaths of land for ecosystem and natural environment conservation.  In fact, it been the exact opposite as more conserved land gets squeezed with every congressional cycle.  Well,  there’s a guy in the Maine woods who’s got a solution for this problem.  Lucas St. Clair’s has adapted an innovative approach of succession that could attract more good folks of resources to look at land preservation as their way of giving back, and for planning for a more stable future.


On episode 63 we welcome Lucas St. Clair – the founder of ‘Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument’ –  a U.S. National Monument spanning 87,563 acres of mountains and forestland in northern Penobscot County, Maine, just off the eastern border of Maine’s Baxter State Park.

We begin our conversation discussing St. Clair’s extensive efforts to turn Maine Woods & Waters into a national monument. We learn of the communities in Maine’s 2nd. Of the logging empires, and of their recent demise. We learn more about his run for Congress in 2018, and what drives him to serve at the will of the people.  A native to the Maine woods, we hear a bit of the lineage of the iconic brand his family spawned – ‘Burt’s Bees’.  It sounds like good values were adhered to in both the household, and the brand.
Joining as cohost is Jay Vilar, founder and a Practitioner at ‘Nourish’ – a bespoke consulting company with a mission to educate, teach, and train people on the benefits of using food to heal your body and optimize your health.  He attributes his success to principles he learned studying health, nutrition, and business principles on increasing your energy, sharpening your mind, being a more productive human being.
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Jay Vilar

  • Founder of Nourish
  • A focus on Nutritional Therapy
  • Rodale Institute Fellow
  • Host of  ‘listen to your mother’ show


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