host bio: Aaron Niederhelman

November 29, 2018

founding partner: OneHealthAg & FFC labs

Aaron Niederhelman is founder of media company ‘All Consuming Behavior‘.

He hosts the widely listened to show, and the UN talkshow series for the FOOD SYSTEMS SUMMIT: Laying Down Tracks.

He’s also a fishmonger focused on preserving the unique values of the region he is from with sourcing agency, and is co-founder at OneHealthAg.  Previously, he was the SVP & Head of Marketing, Brand & Communications at Flagship Pioneering company Invaio Sciences.

A lifelong advocate of healthier and cleaner food, Niederhelman was selected as a 2015 Eisenhower Fellow to explore the impact of good & bad resource management practice on an ever shrinking planet. A decade ago, Niederhelman co-founded the seminal EAF Agrarian Fund, and participates on boards ranging from food security, climate action and social justice. Aaron enjoys spending time in thriving soils and clean waters.


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